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Purchase Order Process

Purchase Orders

NexTier offers two operating platforms within Coupa, each with their own unique advantages.


  • Zero vendor cost to implement or use
  • Minimal change from current PO/invoicing and ordering process
  • Visibility into receipt and payment status of your invoices
  • Reduction/Elimination of paper transaction documents
  • Greater control and automation for order management


  • Zero vendor cost to use; implementation will require IT resource time
  • cXML allows PO, invoices, and advanced shipment notice to be digitally communicated
  • Allows for automation of sending/transmitting POs and receiving invoices
  • Submitting invoices quicker without the need to manually enter data
  • Improve procurement productivity and accelerate the purchase cycle

Under the Orders tab, you can select your customer to view different purchase orders.

To Create an invoice off a Purchase Order, you will select the stacked gold coins or by clicking on the Purchase order number.


Who do I contact if I have questions about CSP vs CXML?

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