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IntelliStimSM Frac Optimization System

Monitor every aspect of your frac operations in real time.


Digital optimization for all pre-job, surface and downhole completion activities. In every well.

Now, you can instantly monitor, diagnose and control fracturing treatment outcomes with data-driven precision. With detailed insight across every aspect of the fracturing operation, you’ll have the power to significantly improve well productivity and decrease ultimate cost per produced barrel.

From toe to heel, the entire length of your lateral represents incredibly valuable subsurface real estate. That’s why it’s critical to make every single foot of the lateral count. Informed by reliable, high-resolution subsurface measurements, our IntelliStim frac optimization system gives you live visualization and control to achieve optimal results.

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Get a superior view into surface/subsurface interactions.

Made possible by an exclusive partnership between NexTier and Silixa, our proprietary IntelliStim system delivers real-time measurements and visualizations, combining all these tools in one high-performance package:

  • NexHubTM remote operational and engineering support
  • LateralScienceSM pre-frac diagnostics services
  • WellPulseSM offset-well monitoring and diagnostics
  • Silixa well-sensing technologies

It empowers all decision makers – whether at the wellsite or from a remote location – with precise control to make quick, data-informed adjustments.

Fiber-optic finesse and superior data. Powered by Silixa.

Precise crosswell monitoring and microseismic surveys are more accessible than ever. The IntelliStim system uses Silixa’s Carina* sensing system, which incorporates a Constellation fiber-equipped wireline cable. This proven solution achieves the most accurate measurements and highest signal-to-noise ratio in the industry – so you can identify events farther from the wellbore and deeper in the reservoir.

And, because the sensing system can be repeatedly deployed and retrieved by a NexTier wireline truck, you have greater flexibility to conduct surveys in more wells. For a much lower cost than installing a permanent sensing cable in a single well, you can use multiple offset wells to monitor frac growth, evaluate cluster efficiency, and assess fracture-propagation metrics in real time.

*Carina is a registered trademark of Silixa Ltd

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Achieve the full production potential in every stage.

Using state-of-the-art fracture diagnostics, the IntelliStim frac optimization system provides valuable information to calibrate fracture and production models while you’re pumping. For a fraction of what you’d pay to deploy traditional, less reliable methods, you get far more accurate and detailed data to:

  • View and understand frac growth, geometry and azimuth as the fracture progresses
  • Make on-the-fly adjustments
  • Improve cluster efficiency
  • Maximize reservoir contact
  • Enhance ultimate production

A new realm of data-driven benefits. Visualized with Corva clarity.

The IntelliStim system can seamlessly integrate your frac operations with NexTier wireline, pumpdown, and MDT sensors. The NexHub Digital Center will host the entire operational data cache, which is then displayed using the industry-leading Corva visualization platform.

In collaboration with Corva, our NexHub digital capabilities create a host of productivity-enhancing possibilities, including:

  • Customized visualization platforms
  • Instantaneous communications
  • Enhanced engineering expertise
  • Remote well control
  • Automated alerts
  • Significant reductions in nonproductive time
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Ready to unearth a wealth of integrated completion efficiencies and downhole data visualization? It’s time to take a closer look at the IntelliStim frac optimization system. Tap or click below, and a NexTier representative will be in touch.

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