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Hydraulic Fracturing

Integrated services. Accelerated results.
Completion Solutions:

Hydraulic Fracturing

Poised for Performance

With approximately 2.2 million hydraulic horsepower and the latest downhole fracturing technology at the ready, our experienced teams are poised to deliver exceptional performance in your most demanding reservoirs. From targeted engineering in extended-reach laterals to a range of customized recompletion services, NexTier has you covered.

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Pre-Frac Services

Full laboratory capabilities for a wide range of services, including:
  • Kill studies for optimal systems
  • Water analysis for fluid systems
  • Development

Management of all third-party completions vendors to simplify your billing and logistics

On-Location Services

Field engineer

Hibernate™ warm-start system to turn off and restart frac pumps from the data van:

  • decreases fuel consumption
  • improves air quality
  • Reduces noise
  • Enhances site safety

Quiet frac fleet

Sound-attenuating, remote-capable frac units

Post-Frac Services

Customizable KPI review with client for single or multiple wells

Post-job well analyses from engineering team

How does 30% more stages per day sound?

Looking for next-level ROI in your completions?
Combining NexTier’s wireline and fracturing services on the same job leads to an average of 20% more stages completed per day. Let’s make it happen!

A successful frac job starts by understanding the unique qualities of your well and the complexities of the formation. But we also recognize that it’s just as important to understand your operational goals. At NexTier, every project begins with collaboration.

Our engineers work closely with you to deliver the completion design that best meets the objectives and challenges of each job. Extensive experience in even the most challenging reservoirs, combined with in-house research and technology, enables us to offer a range of top-tier stimulation and restimulation techniques.

We deploy the latest downhole fracturing technology – using chemical, fluid and equipment designs formulated specifically to improve efficiency and increase overall production. And our large scale and extended logistical reach give you a distinct advantage in the field. With approximately 2.2 million hydraulic horsepower deployed across every major US shale basin, NexTier is ready to deliver the equipment and materials you need – anywhere, any time.

LateralScience℠ Engineered Completions

Our LateralScience engineered completions use common drilling data and mud motor parameters to identify changes in rock hardness along the wellbore. This enables you to position perforation clusters so that they break down at a common treating pressure – for a uniform fracture treatment within each frac stage. It’s a reliable, cost-effective method to optimize every horizontal wellbore.

Specialized Completion Solutions

For complex operations with strict return-on-investment parameters, our Specialized Completion Solutions team provides an unmatched offering of custom-tailored solutions. Integrating our operations and engineering groups, we maximize efficiencies and minimize operational overhead for your most demanding “beyond unconventional” projects.

Featured Technologies


Maximize production to increase ROI and profitability.​

Our ReDirect material isolates dominant perforations and fractures, redirecting fluid into understimulated sections of the target interval. The result is increased reservoir contact for greater stimulated reservoir volume (SRV).

Why keep frac pumps running between stages?​

Our Hibernate warm-start system provides the ability to automatically shut down frac pump engines between stages – and then make remote group starts when it’s time to pump again. It makes your frac operations cleaner, quieter, safer and more efficient.