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Power Solutions

Accelerate your energy transition with natural gas fueling.

Reduce your overall fuel costs with CNG and field gas. Boost ESG performance.

It’s a fact: Your environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives depend on getting a lot of moving pieces “dialed in” just right. And if you don’t have a reliable natural gas (NG) supply that consistently meets the engine’s needs – in terms of both volume and quality – you can’t achieve the full environmental and cost-saving benefits from a premium dual-fuel frac fleet. As a result, much of the dual-fuel pumping equipment deployed today isn’t running at optimal performance.

That’s why we created our Power Solutions division – to provide you with a single point of accountability to reduce both fuel costs and carbon footprint on your frac sites. By integrating our fuel-management expertise with our hydraulic fracturing services, we can improve operational communication, environmental control and overall cost-effectiveness.

Car - Transport

Lower cost and lower carbon. Here’s how we do it.

Our Power Solutions division enhances jobsite safety, efficiency and flexibility – by integrating all of the following into a single, cohesive offering:

Unsurpassed hydraulic fracturing and fueling expertise 

Proprietary, integrated NG fueling solutions

New, next-generation compressed natural gas (CNG) equipment
Simplest and safest field-gas solution

In-house NexHub digital capabilities 

Intelligent fuel and fleet logistics from a single control room
Real-time job monitoring and on-the-fly adjustments
AI-powered equipment health monitoring to minimize NPT

Improved operational safety and faster response times

Fewer people required at wellsite
Trained, NG-certified personnel on-site 24/7

One of the largest offerings of deployed dual-fuel frac fleets in the continental US

Highest standards for top-tier equipment
Industry-leading diesel displacement and emission reductions

Proprietary pressure-pump controls

This unmatched combination is proven to deliver lower fuel costs, higher operational efficiencies and a smaller carbon footprint.

Our proprietary fueling solution seamlessly integrates your field gas with NexTier CNG to provide high-quality NG – to keep dual-fuel frac fleets running at optimal performance.

A unified completions team that’s fully aligned with your goals.

Unlike any other provider in the industry, our operational goals are completely in line with yours. 

You want to displace diesel and reduce overall fuel costs as much as possible. So do we. You want to elevate ESG performance and minimize environmental impact, and we’re right there with you. 

When your service company is working in your best interest, the ecological and economic advantages are undeniable. 

Fuel your success with unrivaled frac and fueling performance.

Ready to empower your operations with the integrated expertise of NexTier Power Solutions? Tap or click below, and we’ll reach out to help you get started.