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Capabilities Engineered to Handle the Most
Technically Demanding Reservoir Challenges.

NexTier was born of the shale revolution. Developing and delivering innovative solutions for the most demanding basins throughout the US remains our primary focus. As one of the largest providers of US land completions, we are able to serve as a value-add partner and deploy the right processes and personnel to help you accelerate production. 

NexTier excels in the areas of safety performance, efficiency, partnership and innovation with every service and solution we deliver. The intersection of these attributes creates exponential value for our customers. We operate from a proven partnership model that provides consistently high service quality, transparency and relentless focus on continuous improvement. 

NexTier - Solutions

NexTier was born of the shale revolution – it’s in our DNA.

NexTier Service Solutions

NexTier - Completion Solutions

Completion Solutions

As one of the largest providers of US land completions, NexTier combines approximately 2.2 million hydraulic horsepower and the latest downhole fracturing technology with well-specific designs for fluids and equipment configurations to increase overall production.

Hydraulic Fracturing

With approximately 2.2 million hydraulic horsepower and the latest downhole fracturing technology at the ready, our experienced teams are poised to deliver exceptional performance in your most demanding reservoirs.


From perforating and logging services to fishing, casing inspection and pipe recovery, NexTier has the wireline capabilities and expertise to keep your operations running smoothly.


Whether your job requires wireline pumpdowns, coiled tubing pumpdowns, well injection, casedhole testing, workover pumping or mud displacement, you can trust NexTier get the job done safety and effectively.

Coiled Tubing

We offer a complete range of coiled tubing services to help you complete projects quickly and safely across a wide spectrum of pressures, without having to kill or shut in your wells.


Our proprietary cementing systems are engineered to provide exceptional zonal isolation in any environment – including conventional, horizontal, high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

NexTier - Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

NexTier is constantly leveraging technology, processes and practical engineering to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions today, rapid-response results tomorrow, and next-generation solutions that drive the entire industry forward.

Innovative Solutions: Surface

Quiet Frac Fleet

Reduce noise without sacrificing performance – with advanced sound attenuation on a fully equipped, remote-capable frac fleet.


Automatically turns off frac pumps between stages and enables remote group restarts from the data van.

MDT Controls

Reduce NPT and boost ROI with advanced data acquisition and control for fracturing, coiled tubing and other wellsite operations.

Innovative Solutions: Subsurface


Use readily available drilling data to increase production an average of 19% compared to geometric completions.


Restore conductivity without the need to refracture – with a more economical alternative to costly, full-blown recompletions.


Redirect proppant into understimulated zones – to target a greater length of the lateral and enhance reservoir stimulated volume.


Unlock previously untapped reservoir flow by extending existing dominant fractures – and by diverting flow to expand microfractures.


Eliminate the misruns and resulting NPT of traditional perf systems. Plug-and-play simplicity. No wires running between guns. More reliable connections.

Innovative Solutions: Fluid Systems


Achieve far-field proppant distribution in the fracture network to maximize reservoir conductivity without increasing fluid viscosity.


Maximize production and improve operational efficiencies through reservoir-compatible treatment solutions.


Fine-tune your coiled tubing chemical operations with precise mixing and real-time fluid data.


Reduce silica breathing exposure and prevent NPT caused by dust contamination of wellsite equipment.

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