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Healthy, Safety & Environment

Strengthening Our ESG Impact Every Day

As one of the top three providers of land completions in the US, NexTier is committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) leadership in partnership with our customers. NexTier’s proven track record demonstrates this commitment, and we encourage all employees to maintain and strengthen our ESG impact every day.


NexTier is careful to address this often-overlooked element of HSE. We know healthy people are the foundation of a healthy business. To protect health at the worksite, all employees wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task at hand. We strive to foster an environment that promotes wellness and work-life balance.

NexTier - HSE Health
NexTier - HSE Safety


We talk about safety a lot, and we know that safety culture begins with leadership accountability. Our core value of Take Responsibility reminds every employee that safety performance lies with each of them.

On any job, big or small, employees are empowered with Stop Work Authority. This mandate enables workers to immediately halt all operations if they observe any conditions or actions they believe to be unsafe. Our safety values and practices are supported through open communication across the company. They are supplemented by awareness campaigns to address any hazards our workforce may face.

Safety practices permeate our comprehensive competency and training programs, and they facilitate our industry-leading safety performance. Employees participate in behavior-based safety and hazard-recognition programs.

Our Eight Life-Saving Rules

Whether we’re on the road, in the field, or at the office, the NexTier team abides by eight overarching safety rules that guide more detailed HSE policies and procedures.

NexTier - Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Cell phone use is restricted while driving

NexTier - Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Never exceed posted speed limits

NexTier - Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Driver and passengers must wear seat belts at all times

NexTier - Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Only licensed personnel may operate heavy machinery

NexTier - Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Do not enter high-pressure zone unless authorized

NexTier - Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Follow all safe work practices when handling hazardous materials

NexTier - Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Never use drugs, and no alcohol while working or driving

NexTier - Our 8 Life-Saving Rules

Always wear correct PPE for the task at hand


Environmental stewardship is central to our mindset as a good corporate citizen. We have a team of full-time professionals focused on environmental responsibility, but everyone at NexTier is accountable for environmental preservation. Our core value of Do the Right Thing helps us adhere to environmentally responsible practices and we are committed to developing products and technologies in a sustainable manner.

NexTier - HSE Environment

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