Strong ESG Commitment

At NexTier, we have a deep commitment and responsibility to our customers, employees, business partners, and communities in which we operate to conduct our business according to our core values, which includes fostering a culture focused on safety and sustainability.

As a service provider, we are committed to working with our customers to increase production and efficiencies, while innovating and investing in technology that will minimize our, and our customers’, environmental impact at the wellsite.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We are committed to reducing fuel consumption and emissions at the wellsite through innovation, technology, and investment.  Our core value of Innovate shows we are committed to a culture that works continuously to implement new, or improved, technologies and processes which can increase our sustainability and reduce our environmental impact.

✓ Dual-fuel DGB Engines:  Deploying fleets with new natural gas burning technologies, which allows engines to run primarily on natural gas, displacing gallons of diesel and reducing emissions

✓ Tractor Reduction Solutions:  Minimize idling tractors at wellsite upon commencement of fracturing operations

✓ Hibernate™: Engine idle reduction technology deployed on all fleets by YE’20; targeting 6% reduction of fuel consumption Learn more…

✓ Fuel Additives: Blending additives into diesel fuel supply that reduce emissions and fuel consumption; estimating 50% emissions reduction on deployed fleets

✓ Next Generation Fracturing Equipment:   Testing next generation pump technology and evaluating electric / natural gas driven pump designs

✓ NexHub Digital Center:

    • Automated support platform that optimizes logistical efficiencies, which reduces emissions and number of loads

    • Equipment health monitoring that uses artificial intelligence and predictive measures to optimize preventative maintenance and servicing of equipment

    • Proprietary cloud-based control system that allows us to determine the optimum amount of diesel able to be displaced with natural gas burning technologies

Minimizing our Footprint

We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, with focus on customers’ well sites, without compromising the ability to provide leading service quality.

✓ Quiet Frac Fleet:  Reduce noise without sacrificing performance Learn more…

✓ DustProof™ Dust-Control Solutions:  Reduces footprint and eliminates the logistics associated with silos and mechanical dust suppression systems Learn more…

✓  EcoSeal Greaseless Cable:  Eliminates need for certain lubricants; deploying on all perf and plug wireline trucks by end of 2020.  No grease-injection system or grease skid on location needed Learn More…

We provide an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our people, customers, and communities in which we operate.   We are committed to minimizing our footprint in communities and are focused on positively impacting and giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Health & Safety

At NexTier, health and safety are our top priorities, evidenced by our Q2 2020 YTD TRIR of 0.27, which well out-performs the industry benchmark of 0.90.  The NexTier team abides by twelve overarching safety rules that serve as constant reminders of our comprehensive HSE policies and procedures. We know healthy people are the foundation of a healthy business and performing safely is critical to winning and retaining quality customers and employees. 

Our safety culture begins with leadership accountability and our core value of Take Responsibility reminds every employee that safety performance lies with each person.

  • Employees are empowered with Stop Work Authority
  • Employees wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for task at hand
  • Competency and training programs focused on health and safety
  • Employees participate in behavior-based safety and hazard-recognition programs
  • Empower employees to embrace Safety First culture
  • Safety values and practices are supported by open communication and transparency across the company
  • Foster an environment that promotes wellness and work-life balance

Our NexTier leadership team is decisively, and swiftly, taking active measures to help everyone stay safe, cautious, and aware during COVID-19 by issuing a COVID-19 Response Plan


We are committed to fostering an environment that recognizes men and women, of many nationalities and backgrounds, for their strengths and sharing common company goals. We strive to create a culture where all people feel valued and respected. We are extremely proud of our entire NexTier family and consider our employees our strongest asset.

  • 34% diverse workforce, which is above the national average
  • 30% diverse management workforce, which is matching the national average.
  • Gender diversity within management has doubled in the past 6 months, rising to 12%
*  Metrics as of June 30, 2020.


We are committed to being involved, engaged, and give back to the communities in which we live and operate. We partner with our customers in support of their community engagement efforts, and volunteer time and give charitable contributions to organizations such as the American Heart Association, George & Barbara Bush Foundation, Texas Children’s Hospital, and the Houston Food Bank.

We are committed to responsible business practices and maintaining the trust of our shareholders, customers, vendors, and NexTier family.  We are guided by our Code of Conduct to ensure we demonstrate our core values and maintain compliance with applicable rules and regulations.  We have an uncompromising commitment to honesty and integrity.

Learn more about our robust corporate and governance practices on our investor relations Corporate Governance site.