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Protecting and preserving our natural surroundings

We deliver safe, sustainable solutions to power a brighter tomorrow.

No matter how large or small the job, environmental stewardship is a huge component of everything we do.  We pride ourselves on constantly evolving and innovating to make a positive difference.

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Lowering our carbon intensity

We’re committed to decreasing emissions at the wellsite through innovation, technology and investment. Our low-cost, low-carbon strategy is a proactive approach to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing fuel consumption and using cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy in our operations.

NexTier works continuously to implement new technologies and processes that lessen our environmental impact.

  • Dual-fuel frac fleets that replace up to 80% of the diesel fuel supply with natural gas, which reduces emissions without sacrificing pumping performance
  • Hibernate™ warm-start system, which automatically turns off frac pumps between stages and enables remote group restarts from the data van
  • Custom-blended fuel additives that deliver cleaner fuel combustion, lower consumption and fewer carbon emissions
  • Testing next-generation equipment Including electric frac fleets and natural-gas-fueled, direct-drive turbine pumps
NexHub™ Digital Center
  • Automated support platform that optimizes logistical efficiencies to reduce traffic, emissions, wait time and transportation costs
  • Equipment health monitoring that uses artificial intelligence and predictive measures to optimize preventative maintenance and servicing
  • Proprietary, cloud-based control system that maximizes the amount of diesel displaced by natural gas

Reduced emissions equivalent to 61,327,935 car miles in 2020

We’ve recycled more than 1.7 billion gallons of water to date

Minimizing our impact

Is it really possible to decrease our environmental footprint – without sacrificing our ability to deliver industry-leading service quality and performance? At NexTier, we prove every day that it’s absolutely possible. Here are a just few of the ways we do it.

Advanced products and technologies
  • Greaseless wireline system that eliminates grease-injection equipment and risk of associated grease contamination
  • ReLease Dry™ friction-reducer systems that reduce liquid transport and related fuel consumption, emissions and spill hazards
  • Low-decibel fracturing equipment that delivers safe operation and top-tier performance while meeting or exceeding even the most stringent noise requirements for light industrial activity
Cleaner processes
  • Strict spill prevention and preparedness measures designed to improve safety and protect water sources – resulting in 0.01 reportable spill incidents per 100,000 hr in 2020
  • Waste-reduction initiatives that include minimizing internal paper usage, focusing on environmentally responsible purchasing and recycling wherever possible
Energy and Resource Efficiency
  • Artificial intelligence-powered digital platform to eliminate redundancies and downtime, improve equipment performance, decrease fuel consumption and optimize operational logistics
  • Motion-sensing light switches throughout our office facilities
  • Flexible work programs (where practical)
  • Web conferencing and teleconferencing technologies to minimize unnecessary travel

Maximizing our use of recycled water

  • Reducing impact on local water supplies
  • Protecting natural sources of fresh water
  • Decreasing fuel consumption and emissions related to transporting water
  • Using innovative chemistries to enable safe and effective use of recycled water for hydraulic fracturing 
  • Supporting efficient reuse in lieu of premature disposal and waste of resources

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