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Innovative Solutions: IsoVert™ Midstage Diversion Material

Boost Conductivity in All Perforated Zones

Unlock previously untapped reservoir flow by extending existing dominant fractures – and by diverting flow to expand microfractures.

NexTier - IsoVert

Unlock Additional Producible Volume

IsoVERT material delivers exceptional results during both initial fracturing and recompletion operations. In depleted to low-pressure reservoirs, it’s also effective as a temporary lost-circulation material for wellbore-cleanout workover operations.

As a midstage diverter, it can facilitate the extension of existing dominant fractures – while also propagating new fractures by diverting flow to microfractures. The process is designed to boost conductivity in all perforated zones by effectively stimulating all fractured intervals, which unlocks additional producible reservoir volume.

Reduce Frac Plugs and Perf Runs

IsoVERT material has been demonstrated to reduce the number of frac plugs and perforating runs used during the completions process, leading to increased customer time savings.

This efficient material doesn’t require major changes to operational procedures or equipment. NexTier selects a diverter based on the unique aspects of the reservoir and wellbore geometry. Then, we calculate the required diverter mass, stage by stage, and make adjustments in real time.

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