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Innovative Solutions: Hibernate™ Warm-Start System

Make Frac Ops Cleaner and Quieter

Automatically turns off frac pumps between stages and enables remote group restarts from the data van.

NexTier - Hibernate

Why keep frac pumps running between stages? With our Hibernate warm-start system on the job, you can automatically shut down frac pump engines between stages – and then make remote group starts when it’s time to pump again. It makes your frac operations cleaner, quieter, safer and more efficient.

We recently put it to the test on a West Texas fleet. Compared to pumps in the fleet that were operated using traditional methods, the pumps equipped with the Hibernate system delivered outstanding results.

Actual performance over 62 days of field tests:

  • Reduced engine idling approximately 54%
  • Reduction of total engine hours 32%

Projected for 300 days’ use per year for a fleet of 18 trucks:

  • $1.29 million fuel savings
  • $1.52 million combined fuel and maintenance savings

Benefits to health, safety and environment:

  • Decreased personnel exposure to heavy machinery
  • Reduced fuel consumption, improved air quality and less noise

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