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Innovative Solutions: GameChanger™ Perforating System

Take Perforating to a New Level

Eliminate the misruns and resulting NPT of traditional perf systems. Plug-and-play simplicity. No wires running between guns. More reliable connections.

NexTier - GameChanger

It’s time to boost operational efficiency, increase reliability and reduce NPT in the shale play. And take your perforating game to a whole new level.

The GameChanger perforating system features a semi-disposable gun assembly designed to eliminate the misruns and resulting NPT associated with traditional gun systems. It’s compatible with all manufacturers’ standard shaped charges and uses addressable switches to provide real-time confirmation throughout the downhole descent. With no wires running between guns, the system provides design improvements that deliver a high level of confidence in the wellbore.

Say goodbye to pinched wires. Say hello to better perf performance.

  • Port-free design prevents getting stuck from a loose port plug, eliminates wiring pinch points and significantly decreases chances of gun flooding
  • Spring-loaded connectors provide automatic, solid contact between guns and subs
  • Plug-and-play connections and easy arming remove pinch points that can cause firing failures
  • Lack of wires between guns and subs provides additional protection against pinched wires
  • Addressable switches provide real-time confirmation throughout the downhole descent
  • Shorter subs reduce string length and weight for safer on-site handling
  • Oriented subs are available to further customize your perforating design

  • Single-use components (CCL-to-gun sub and plug shoot sleeve) enhance reliability
  • Compatibility with #20 setting tool eliminates disengaged bleeder nuts

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