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Innovative Solutions: AirRide™ Fracture-Network Conductivity Enhancer

Make the Network More Productive

Achieve far-field proppant distribution in the fracture network to maximize reservoir conductivity without increasing fluid viscosity.

NexTier - AirRide

Get Your Proppant Where It Needs to Be

AirRide conductivity enhancer optimizes far-field proppant distribution to develop a more productive fracture network.

  • Increases depth of penetration by fluidizing proppant
  • Enhances flowback and production

Proven track record.

In flow-model tests, the AirRide system showed a 70% improvement in pack length compared to slickwater.

In a 43-well study comparing AirRide conductivity enhancer against slickwater, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 42% improvement in average maximum proppant concentration
  • 30% production increase
  • 23% completion cost reduction

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