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Innovative Solutions

Advancing Your Oilfield ROI

At NexTier, advancing your oilfield ROI is what we’re all about. We’re dedicated to delivering the solutions you need, when you need them. And we’re driven to improve efficiency and reliability – both in our manufacturing facilities and in the field.

In our Innovation Centers and our extensive network of US laboratories, we design practical solutions to help you stay at the top of your game:

  • Oilfield equipment and tools
  • HSE advancements
  • Downhole electronics
  • Control, monitoring and data-acquisition systems
  • Custom chemistry for fluid systems
  • Advanced stimulation technology
NexTier - Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions: Surface

NexTier - Whisper Fleet

Quiet Frac Fleet

​A Quiet Fleet With Loud Results

Reduce noise without sacrificing performance – with advanced sound attenuation on a fully equipped, remote-capable frac fleet.

Hibernate™ Warm-Start System

Make Frac Ops Cleaner and Quieter

Automatically turns off frac pumps between stages and enables remote group restarts from the data van.

NexTier - Hibernate
NexTier - MDT Controls

MDT Controls

Lower NPT and Raise ROI

Reduce NPT and boost ROI with advanced data acquisition and control for fracturing, coiled tubing and other wellsite operations.

Innovative Solutions: Subsurface

NexTier - LateralScience

LateralScience℠ Engineered Completions

Push Production Farther, Faster

Use readily available drilling data to increase production an average of 19% compared to geometric completions.

Re-Con℠ Frac-Less Restimulation

Restimulate to Generate More ROI

Restore conductivity without the need to refracture – with a more economical alternative to costly, full-blown recompletions.

NexTier - ReCon
NexTier - Redirect

Redirect™ Diverters

Focus Your Frac

Redirect proppant into understimulated zones – to target a greater length of the lateral and enhance reservoir stimulated volume.

IsoVert™ Midstage Diversion Material

Boost Conductivity in All Perforated Zones

Unlock previously untapped reservoir flow by extending existing dominant fractures – and by diverting flow to expand microfractures.

NexTier - IsoVert
NexTier - GameChanger

GameChanger™ Perforating System

Take Perforating to a New Level

Eliminate the misruns and resulting NPT of traditional perf systems. Plug-and-play simplicity. No wires running between guns. More reliable connections.

Innovative Solutions: Fluid Systems

NexTier - AirRide

AirRide™ Conductivity Enhancer

Make the Network More Productive

Achieve far-field proppant distribution in the fracture network to maximize reservoir conductivity without increasing fluid viscosity.

Release™ Fluid Systems

Designed to Drive More Production

Maximize production and improve operational efficiencies through reservoir-compatible treatment solutions.

NexTier - Release
NexTier - MultiJect

MultiJect™ Liquid Additive System

Close the Loop on Coiled Tubing

Fine-tune your coiled tubing chemical operations with precise mixing and real-time fluid data.

DustProof™ Dust-Control Solutions

Keep Dust Under Control

Reduce silica breathing exposure and prevent NPT caused by dust contamination of wellsite equipment.

NexTier - DustProof

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