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Fuel Reduction

Leveraging technology. Delivering value.

Fueling oilfield innovation. And using less fuel to do it.

Improving production while reducing costs and carbon.

In the same spirit as our forward-thinking customers, NexTier is driven to make the oil field leaner and greener. Reducing fuel consumption at the wellsite – which also reduces machinery, maintenance and associated traffic in and out of the field – is one of the best opportunities to help achieve those goals. 

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Science - Service

Fuel additives

Whether you’re running an all-diesel fleet or a dual-fuel setup, our fuel additives provide an easy, cost-effective way to boost diesel’s bang for the buck. In addition to cleaning the engine to deliver better performance, they condition the diesel itself – both of which help convert more fuel to kinetic energy. 

Mixed with the diesel supply at the wellsite, our fuel additives achieve:

  • More efficient and complete fuel combustion
  • A longer power cycle during every engine stroke
  • Between 8 and 12% lower fuel consumption*
  • Reduced CO2e emissions by 8 to 12%*
  • Up to 50% lower particulate-matter emissions

*2021 YTD results, based on NexTier customer usage.

Electronics - Audio-visual equipment

Hibernate™ warm-start system

Why keep frac pumps running between stages? Our Hibernate warm-start system gives us the power to turn off pump engines when they’re not needed. Then, when the next stage is ready, a single crew member can remotely restart multiple pump engines from the data van. Compatible with both full-diesel and dual-fuel fleets, it makes your frac sites cleaner, quieter, safer and more efficient – and it’s only from NexTier. 

By eliminating nonproductive engine idling with the Hibernate system, we can accomplish a lot of good at the wellsite:

  • Reduce fuel usage and related emissions
  • Decrease equipment wear and required maintenance
  • Reduce crew members’ exposure to heavy machinery
  • Remove excess noise to improve on-site safety and communication

Put to the test in West Texas.

Compared side by side in a diesel-powered fleet, Hibernate-equipped pumps far outperformed pumps operating using traditional methods.

Actual performance over 62 days of field tests:
  • Reduced engine idling approximately 54%
  • Reduced total engine hours 32%
Projected for 300 days’ use per year for a fleet of 18 trucks:
  • $1.29 million fuel savings
  • $1.52 million combined fuel and maintenance savings
Ongoing ESG benefits:
  • Less personnel exposure to heavy machinery
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Less noise and associated on-site distractions
  • Fewer emissions and improved air quality

Innovative, fuel-saving technologies. At your fingertips.

Lower completion costs, lower carbon and a cleaner, greener wellsite are just a click away. Tap the button, fill out the form, and we’ll help you fuel your success – but with less fuel!