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DustProof Dust Control

Leveraging technology. Delivering value.
Innovative Solutions:

Dust-Control Solutions

Keep Dust Under Control

Reduce silica breathing exposure and prevent NPT caused by dust contamination of wellsite equipment.

How Does It Work?

  • Surface-modifying agent produces dry, free-flowing sand
  • Chemical, abrasion and water resistant
  • Rapid adhesion with spray-on-the-fly or sand-wash stage application
  • Compatible with all fracturing fluids, additives and water sources
  • Stable across a broad temperature range (-40 to 320°F)
It’s bad enough that airborne silica can cause respiratory harm. On top of that, it can cause abrasive damage to your equipment and electronics. DustProof low-silica dusting solutions significantly reduce exposure to respirable silica, which greatly enhances on-site HSE. It also helps to prevent NPT caused by dust contamination of wellsite equipment.

The proof is in the performance.

DustProof low-silica dusting solutions provide efficient, effective advantages for your frac sites:

  • Reduces footprint and eliminates the logistics associated with silos and mechanical dust-suppression systems
  • Reduces airborne crystalline silica to meet OSHA HSE requirements
  • Controls dust at all potential release points from transload to location
  • Reduces repair and maintenance of dust-contaminated equipment and electronics