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Completion Solutions: Wireline

Largest Wireline Fleet in the US

From perforating and logging services to fishing and casing inspection, NexTier has the wireline capabilities and expertise to keep your operations running smoothly.

NexTier - Wireline
  • Full range of wireline and tubing-conveyed perforating equipment
  • Downhole head-tension and release tools
  • Regular and sour-service cables and pressure-control equipment
  • Mechanical and electromagnetic casing-inspection tools
  • Radial cement-bond logging tools
  • Production logging
  • Compensated and single-detector neutron tools

Better Completions – Every Step of the Way

When our wireline and coiled tubing crews dovetail with our frac crews, you get better overall efficiency for superior ROI. Let’s make it happen!

When you’re operating in shale, wireline is one of the most versatile and capable tools in your oilfield arsenal. And, as it happens, NexTier’s portfolio of wireline solutions is the most versatile and capable in the industry. With the largest wireline fleet in the nation, we’re ready to answer the call and exceed your expectations.

From efficient perforating operations to logging, pumpdown and toe prep, NexTier brings unsurpassed equipment and expertise to meet the needs of your most challenging wireline projects. We’re ready to help you optimize recovery and maximize your oilfield ROI.

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