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Completion Solutions: Coiled Tubing

Rugged Reliability. Extended Reach.

We offer a complete range of coiled tubing services to help you complete projects quickly and safely across a wide spectrum of pressures, without having to kill or shut in your wells.

NexTier - Coiled Tubing
  • 23,000 ft for 1 1/4-in. tubing
  • 21,000 ft for 1 1/2-in. tubing
  • 20,500 ft for 1 3/4-in. tubing
  • 25,000 ft for 2-in. tubing
  • 27,000 ft for 2 3/8-in. tubing
  • 25,000 ft for 2 5/8-in. tubing
  • MultiJect™ liquid additive system:
    • Precise mixing of CT chemicals
    • Real-time fluid data to enable on-the-fly adjustments
  • Advanced training simulator:
    • Unsurpassed operational experience and expertise for both CT operators and customers

Severe doglegs, underbalanced conditions and other downhole challenges can make it especially difficult to navigate the wellbore. In these cases, coiled tubing (CT) can deliver the rugged reliability you need.

NexTier offers a complete range of CT services – from routine applications to heavy-duty jobs and extended-reach laterals. We’re geared up and ready to help you successfully execute your most demanding horizontal-completion, fishing, workover and well-maintenance projects.

On every job, our CT crews are mobilized within the region to execute projects with uncommon efficiency. Backed by an award-winning safety record and a commitment to service excellence, we’re ready to respond where and when you need us.

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